February 10, 2010

Under the bridge

My latest painting finished today.

A friend who had seen my website where I sometimes put a detail of my paintings, at first thought that the details were paintings that I had decided to re-paint. In this case I decided to try it. This full painting is a detail of a previous painting. (one could go on and on ending up abstract)

Under the bridge
Oil on canvas 40 x 30 cm

... and a detail ;-)

Paintings by Peter Hobden


cohen labelle said...

Hi Peter
I love these last two paintings. And I love the repeats in this latest one.
Btw I was wondering what kind of camera you use for photo reference for your paintings and if you could suggest a good all round digital camera that I myself might use.
Cheers, Marcia

Pete said...

Hi Marcia. Thanks for your remarks.

Conc. The camera, "my carry around everywhere" camera is a Canon G10. They have now come out with a G11. This is a high end "compact" camera.

Unknown said...

I love this Peter - especially the detailed view allowing the abstraction to really shine!

Pete said...

Thanks a lot Celeste.