April 30, 2010

Summer market - unfinished painting

I went to the studio, yesterday intending to clean up and tidy. I had finished a painting the day before, and was mulling what my next subject would be.

I have plenty of unfinished paintings lying around and this one caught my attention. I started thinking what needed doing in it and found myself compelled to pull out the paints and start painting.

At the time I was not satisfied with the progress and was beginning to lose momentum.

That's fine as it means that the motivation is there again. So this is what I will be working on these next days.

 Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm
Paintings by Peter Hobden


Kay said...

I love that you are reworking old paintings..I am having trouble just getting out of the house to my studio which is 27 miles away. I did that on purpose thinking I might treat it like a job if I was paying rent..but then Monday I gathered up 2 failed large watercolors to bring home and mess with and have done nothing..I think the very bad weather is making me morose! So I guess I better bundle up and get cracking..in spite of the snow last night..will spring never come to Utah?

Pete said...

Thanks for your comment, Kay. Sometimes it gets like that. Have you ever read a book Called "Art and Fear" ? or another called "Fearless Creating" they get into the whole relation of artist to creating and things which get in the way.