June 14, 2010

Bringing a street to life

While still working on my "Shout!" painting (see previous posts), I had a yen for some colors from Provence. I therefore started a new painting.

Here are two first sessions. I started by painting the whole canvas a strong red on impulse, maybe influenced by the feeling of summer heat evoked by Provence. The red was in acrylic, and so I was able to start  fairly soon after the red coat was on.

The strong red pushed  me towards high contrast & saturated colors. Paintings can have more to say to the painter than you might think. That's where the magic comes in. So I built up the forms fairly free & instinctive. Connaisseurs may recognize the silhouette of a 2 Chevaux, known affectionately as a "une deuch' " , 2nd car down on the right.

It is 50 x 60 cm on canvas

Session 2
click image to see larger

Session 1
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Paintings by Peter Hobden


Annick McKenzie said...

wow Peter! Are you starting to have a passion for colour as well ... the South of France 's influence !!!
I often paint my canvas red or orange to start with ...very exciting to paint on..
Looking forward to see stage 3...

Kasi daniel Raj.M said...

Wall paintings are excellent.....

Wonderful paintings