August 12, 2010

Going Smaller

I have decided to try my hand at some smaller paintings. The aim is to shorten the painting time and hopefully sell them at a price well below what that of my larger paintings.

I bought an assortment of wood cut to size and have started the first painting. It is 25 x 15 cm on ash ply. (that's approximately 10" x 6" for Avoirdupois aficionados)

The first thing I discovered is that I'm not at all used to painting this small or this fast. Most likely I will improve over time, but its a different feeling. I'm used to holding my brush in my fist  a lot, and therefore using arm and shoulder muscles to paint.

This first one is taking longer than I expected, but I should be able to finish it off fairly quickly once the paint I have put down is dry enough to flick on some emphasis.

When I start to get into the pace I will set up a blog for these.
If you click the image  it should be about real size on the screen.

click  image to see larger
Paintings by Peter Hobden


Annick McKenzie said...

Peter, 'les grands esprits se rencontrent !!!'
I just bought some similar wood and had it cut for a series of smaller paintings..a series dedicated to WOOD!
They will also be framed with wood for continuity, etc...more infos about this when I have my blog 'sorted'..around paintings will be slightly larger than yours (30x30cm 30x40cm) is exciting !!!
I have other ideas as well on the same this space...

Pete said...

Hi Annick. As you posted your comment twice I have deleted one ;D.

Concerning the paintings I'm considering coming up a notch in size to around 30-35 cm max dimension.

Cat Salter said...

Looking good Pete! It took me some time to get used to painting small (30x30cm) but I am getting better at it and I really enjoy getting something finished quickly. I get really impatient and want to finish!

Love this painting and the glow of the evening light. Keep up the 'small' work!!

Pete said...

Thanks Cat. Will try and keep it up...