August 23, 2010

Two nocturnes - paintings in process

Continuing on my smaller paintings drive, here are two more paintings I am working on. They are both night scenes from my town. The first of the church and square illuminated is my local market square, and the second is my nearest tram stop. Both are on wood panels.
They should be finished by tomorrow evening, and I will then post them in my Smaller Paintings blog

Sainte-Croix, Nocturne
30 x 30 cm
click image to see larger

Tram nuit
25 x 25 cm
click image to see larger
Paintings by Peter Hobden


Cat Salter said...

Loving your new paintings Pete! Your style has become more free and lively now you are working smaller! Really like it. Cat

Pete said...

Thanks Cat. Every change brings learning. To do the same in my larger paintings I would need to use brushed 3 sizes bigger than usual.