September 22, 2010

Finishing the shout

I have decided to finish my shout painting. You may remember that it had taken a fall and acquired a small tear in the canvas. I repared the canvas from the back with a small piece of canvas cut off the corner of another canvas and pasted it in with acylic medium. I still have to cover up the evidence in front.

That is the state it stayed in until now.

I am working mostly on the background, sky & sea,  with a few tweaks in the face, but I like the rough look on the features.

(by all means) click on image to see larger

(definitely worth a) click on image to see larger

Paintings by Peter Hobden


Detlef Cordes said...

Somehow a small tear in the canvas, an "accident" seems fitting for this unusual, fascinating painting. You showing teeth, "fate" showing its teeth back. The harmony of circumstance.

Aggression is a big theme for me personally, "things" getting out of control from inside.

I find that "inside" of me on the "outside" of your painting.

Pete said...

Hi Detlef,

Thanks for your comment.
The photograph that served as a model for the expression was an act. However, when you simulate an emotion, ther is a sort of reverse feedback which generates the emotion, though in a controlled way as it was an act of will. This shows that the emotion is there inside you at least as latent possibility.

Therein lies the seeds for compassion, simulating or feeling what others feel. ;)