September 24, 2010

Going places

This painting is really going places, many of which I have not been to before ;) , which is excellent.
The background undercoat is exerting an influence on the development of the painting, which is also as it should be.

I am painting thinner to allow the undercoat to show through in places giving a texture and adding interest to the painting.

Painting after painting I am amazed at the unexpected ways that things develop. So far so good.

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Paintings by Peter Hobden


Unknown said...

It IS going places, Pete. Beautiful places. Amazing what happens when we're able to accept and relish uncertainty. No easy feat, to be sure. But I can feel it in this piece and it's wonderful!

Pete said...

Hi walt, thanks.
If one could just find the switch...
Of course what makes it difficult to do is our built in prudence system - I am of course talking about the self-survival system ;D