October 29, 2010

Twitter art exhibit Norway

David Sandum (@DavidSandumArt on Twitter) is organzing a charity exhibit and sale featuring works by twitter artists in his hometown library in Norway. ( #twitterartexhibit on Twitter )

Postcard size original artworks donated by artists on Twitter will be exhibited at the public library and proceeds from sales will go towards buying children's books for the library.

David's aim is to get at least 140 twitter artists participating.
Participation is still open so if you are interested and have a twitter profile :Details on the exhibit. 

I have just finished my piece for the exhibit :

"On the Vine"
Oil on watercolor paper
On The Vine - Oil painting on watercolor paper
Paintings by Peter Hobden


Marie Nagel said...

Fantastic card, Peter.
I'm also in David Sandum's project and it's great to see so many talented artists participating.

- Marie Nagel
Victoria, B.C. Canada


Sarah Wiske said...

This is a great painting! You are so talented. I am hoping to get involved in the exhibit too.

Pete said...

Hi Marie and Sarah. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it's a great Idea David had. I call him a "True heart"