December 7, 2010

The Hesitant Juggler - blocking in

Started a new painting after I did a sketch from one of my photographs.
What pulled me is the expression of anxious uncertainty the juggler has. It was all an act of course, but I am painting as if the emotion was real.

60 x 50 cm  - oil on canvas
click image to see larger
Paintings by Peter Hobden


Detlef Cordes said...

Fascinating sujet. Juggling is show biz, in show biz you don't display uncertainty. You are supposed to be in full control. Which I find boring. That's why I love improvisation. The painting itself contains this tension, as the artist has to be in control - but to be open for the inspiration of the moment, too. An act of juggling on the meta-plane.

Pete said...

Thanks for your comment, interesting view as always, Detlef.

In creativity when you don't leave the door open to the unexpected (by definition not controlled) , you miss one of the main points.