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June 14, 2010

Bringing a street to life

While still working on my "Shout!" painting (see previous posts), I had a yen for some colors from Provence. I therefore started a new painting.

Here are two first sessions. I started by painting the whole canvas a strong red on impulse, maybe influenced by the feeling of summer heat evoked by Provence. The red was in acrylic, and so I was able to start  fairly soon after the red coat was on.

The strong red pushed  me towards high contrast & saturated colors. Paintings can have more to say to the painter than you might think. That's where the magic comes in. So I built up the forms fairly free & instinctive. Connaisseurs may recognize the silhouette of a 2 Chevaux, known affectionately as a "une deuch' " , 2nd car down on the right.

It is 50 x 60 cm on canvas

Session 2
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Session 1
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