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October 13, 2010

Two paintings in the works

I am continuing to advance on this sunny street scene from my neighborhood but slowly. I'm building it up by feeling on the colors, after having drawn in the main features and relative tone values. The red under painting is still coming through quite stongly, but will become less dominant as the painting advances. While painting,I dwell on the persistent feeling of strong sun on the facades facing left and deep shade in those facing right. The mountain in the distance has it's gullies in deep shade as well.

 50 x 70 cm oil on canvas

At the same time I felt a need to have more than one painting going to be able to switch when the steam  runs out. I find it a good way to keep myself stimulated. I started a new canvas, drawing the features in charcoal, and after spraying a fixative laid down a few patches ogf color to get the feel. It is a house on a canal in the late evening with the facade and canal fairly dark and the interior lights glowing in the the windows of house.

A dark arch or tunnel enters the building at left, and a door gives access by way of steps to the canal at right. The facade is much too light for the moment, and when darkened should bring out the warm seductive glow coming from inside.

50 x 70 cm oil on canvas