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March 7, 2011

Painting myself into a corner

I have been painting myself into a corner, so to speak, with my "Tourist Posing" painting. My tension has been building over a few days. I have been feeling frustrated and confined by the subject.

I needed to to take some action to ease the stress.

Having recently sold a painting, that was missed by the household, an evening view out our back window -  "Mermillod Sunset", I thought I might  paint a similar painting.

So I jumbed on the idea and what a relief it is. It feels fine, I feel connected to the painting, and my stress has magically eased.

No doubt, the discipline of painting out of my comfort zone will be a plus somewhere down the road, but creating should also sometimes be jubilation, don't you think?

This time the canvas is larger than "Mermillod Sunset" , 80 x 60 cm, and if all goes well it will be hung possibly in our bedroom facing the bed.

This is the first time I start a painting with the intention of keeping it.

Here is the result so far after one session.

Mermillod Evening
oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm
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click image to see larger

acrylic under-painting
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