December 10, 2009

Paintings - filling in - 2

The next painting in my filling in series.

This is a self portrait from photograph. I wanted to get a strong light/dark contrast going, witt strong brush strokes rather than a smooth blended effect. I am happy with the result. This was done in august/september of this year. ( a bit of a glare at top of photo will have to redo)

Self portrait - oil on canvas 40cm x 50 cm

Paintings by Peter Hobden


L.Holm said...

Really terrific. Love the intensity of the expression, and the close cropping. Great work, and fun to see the progression, too.

WangFineArt said...

Hi Pete,
I really enjoy your paintings here. This self portrait and your most recent landscapes are my favorites. Thanks for comments on my small egg painting. Yes I did crack an egg there to paint from life:-).