March 11, 2011

Trust the process - dusk painting

The painting is beginning to get somewhere. I am lingering on building up the colors little by little. Building up the light and building up the dark. I want it to to be a subdued explosion of color.
Not quite yet at that point but... trust the process.

80 x 60 cm
oil on canvas
click image to see larger

a detail
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Paintings by Peter Hobden


a.q.s. said...

the light in these paintings is breathtakingly captivating.... i haven't come across this kind of capture of light via twitter or online in a long time, if ever. very refreshing and so very inspired.

trust the process....
dusk holds promise for the day is never the same again twice.


Pete said...

Thanks Annie.
Light is one of my big motivators, in painting and in life.

(On a good day) Dusk is the gathering in of peace over the day's encounters.