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February 25, 2010

Step by step video of painting "Who am I?"

As promised here is a step by step in 6 stages of painting for my self portrait "Who am I?"

I put it in video format instead of posting the seperate images. More fun. But blogger blured it down :(

February 24, 2010

Walking umbrellas

This street scene painting is almost done.

acrylic 50 x 40 cm


February 22, 2010

Who am I? - Done

I'm declaring this one done! There is still a little shininess from the wet paint. (Click pic to see larger)

Who am I?
oil on canvas - 50 x 40 cm

February 20, 2010

Who am I? - 5

Yet another session its getting close to satisfying me. As often hesitation sets in as to leaving a raw look or tweaking further.

February 17, 2010

Who am I? - 4

Another session on this painting. Probably a bit more work to do.

I will put up a step by step post when I'm finished.


a detail

February 16, 2010

Who am I?-3

Continuing... Hopefully close to the end

February 15, 2010

Who am I?-2

Progress on the painting.
I attacked quite a bit with the knife here. Trying to give the portrait some force. Maybe one or two more sessions.

and a detail...

February 11, 2010

Who am I?

This is the painting I am working on now. It is a self portrait of me looking in a mirror in an inquiring way. from a photograph I took with a tripod and release cable,

Who am I? (in progress)
 Acrylic on canvas - 50 x 40 cm

February 10, 2010

Under the bridge

My latest painting finished today.

A friend who had seen my website where I sometimes put a detail of my paintings, at first thought that the details were paintings that I had decided to re-paint. In this case I decided to try it. This full painting is a detail of a previous painting. (one could go on and on ending up abstract)

Under the bridge
Oil on canvas 40 x 30 cm

... and a detail ;-)