My Paintings website

October 2, 2013

A new web site

My current hosting provider for my web site seems to have disappeared into the landscape somewhere. I therefore decided to seek out other solutions. I do have a past in the IT world but I am not a big web developer. I do know a little html and css and am familiar with some programming languages.but it doesn't flow off the end of my fingers without effort. This meant that I had to find a solution that would offer me some assistance in building my site while keeping a good level of control on functionality and appearance.

I took out a good number of weeks from painting to research and finally chose and implemented a solution.

It turned out that I still had to learn quite a bit more than I hoped but it was fun in the end though it took quite a lot of my time and occasionally frazzled my nerves.

So here it is in all its glory. It is fairly much along the same lines as my previous site with a few more bells and whistles like a section illustrating the painting process, a functional message form, some Google map inserts and so on. A large part is dedicated to listing my paintings , of course.

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