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November 10, 2010

Two small paintings and some self indulgence

Whenever I get self-indulgent in my studio, for example, being unsatisfied with the extent of my success as a painter as I was for  a while this afternoon, I have only to look up to the right of my easel to see this guy looking at me with, his attentive, intense gaze. No indulgence here but maybe a little compassion?

He tells me that I should re-focus on the present and get on with my painting: Trust the process.

And presently, that is what I do... after a while.

Here is the self-portrait on my website 

What I was working on when these doubts struck was another smaller painting, another nocturne, though earlier in the day than the previous one I did last week:

[click image to see larger]

A bit later, to stimulate my motivation, I started yet another smaller painting which, this time, is in full daylight, and another season further south:

[click image to see larger]